About Us

We would like this opportunity to address all our visitors and start by welcoming them to our platform. While using our services one might think why do we do what we do? it is definitely not for charity purposes so how does it benefit us? We would like to avail this opportunity to answer all your worries and our team is always here to answer all your relevant questions. We are a circle of innovative and exciting people who like what we do and keep experimenting new ways to make online shopping an easier and viable option for everyone. Our team is trying to leave a positive impact on this world and this is our first step towards it. We love to be the reason behind our visitors' smiles and what better way to bring that smile on someone's face by being the reason for them saving their hard earned cash. Our only motto is “pay less and get more” and let me know how we run our operations here at the capedtree.

How Does Capedtree work?

The group of young and experienced individuals at capedtree work day and night developing relations with world most renowned brands to bring you the best available deals being offered by them at the convenience of your homes and one touch away from you. We are building a relationship with our merchandiser by providing them relevant customers and people who would be interested in buying their products as well as giving our customers the best deals available on the market making it a win-win situation for both the communities and in doing so keep a certain piece of commission for ourselves.

Our team works on the concept of utilizing the idea of affiliate marketing and I believe not a lot of people here are familiar with the terminology, please let us give you a walk through. Our world is revolutionising with every minute passing by, you see new cars coming out which are better and faster than the previous ones, similarly new gadgets being introduced in the market everyday which makes the old one outdated just like this marketing and its mediums have changed as well. People nowadays spend more time on the screens of their cell phone than on anything else and this is where affiliate marketing kicks in. By placing banners on the roadside or panaflex along the roads we would not be able to cater to half the audience that we are able to because of the website and with the content we manage on it. By reaching out to different local and international merchandisers and vendors we ask them to let us display their products and stores on our website and by seeing the number of traffic we get on a usual basis, they provide us special coupons and promo codes that can be used to save some cash for our visitors. The team at capedtree works day and night to fetch the best available offers out there in the market, while updating the content on the site on a daily basis so you don't encounter any invalid or out of date content. For the sake of the comfort of our visitors we have uploaded various blogs and informational content available on the site as well to give them a walk through and also keep them updated with the upcoming products. Saving money has never been easy, but now it's just a tap away.

Our Morals

We live for our qualities and hold it up high regard, not many of them are following:


Our main objective is to develop a platform that our clients can refer to for all sorts of promotions and deals and in doing so become their number 1 savings platform. By building a vast network of retailers and customers we hope to establish long lasting customer client relationships that all of us can benefit from. And our team does their level best everyday to ensure the fact neither our retailers nor the visitors of site encounter any sort of inconvenience.